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Continuing Legal Education is the fastest, easiest way to advance your career. Now, PKI offers an individual Paralegal Passport with access to hundreds of online, onDemand webinars, free webinars and discounted access to online courses, on a monthly subscription basis. Get CLE. Even if your state does not require CLE, getting the "how-to" from top subject matter experts shows your firm you are serious about advancing your career. Increase your worth to the firm, increase your level of responsibility and even increase your salary.

Partial List of Currently Available on-Demand Courses:

(once enrolled in the system, you can select any number of these any time):

Advanced Cell Phone Forensics
Careers: 5 Simple Steps to Beat Age Discrimination
Careers: Crying Happens_ Managing Emotions in the Office Without Bias or Prejudice
Careers: Designing Your Career to Move Up the Invisible Ladder
Careers: Here's How to Negotiate for a Better Salary
Careers: How to Design a Powerful Resume & Linked In Profile to Land the Perfect Job
Careers: How to Handle Stress and Difficult Situations
Careers: How to Land the Perfect Position
Careers: How to Manage Multiple Attorneys & Assignments & Increase Your Value to the Firm
Careers: How to Work for a Jerk
Careers: Stress, Time and Procrastination Management
Careers: Where Do I Go From Here? Career Choices for Paralegals
Contracts: Did My Email Create a Contract
Corporate Filing and Retrieval Made Easy - Working with Delaware
Corporate Formations
Corporate: Avoiding UCC Filing Mistakes
Corporate: Best Practices for Tricky UCC Debtor Names
Corporate: Business Entity Governance and Compliance
Corporate: Charitable Registration Compliance
Corporate: Entity Housekeeping and Compliance
Corporate: Insider's Guide to Performing Lien Searches
Corporate: International Corporate Compliance
Corporate: International Corporate Entities
Corporate: Mastering UCC Filing Fundamentals - Debtor Name Due Diligence Best Practices Under UCC Article 9
Corporate: Mastering UCC Filing Fundamentals - The Diligent UCC Filer 1 - Due Diligence - UCC1 Best Practices
Corporate: Mastering UCC Filing Fundamentals - The Diligent UCC Filer II - UCC3 Amendment Filing Best Practices
Corporate: Mastering UCC Filing Fundamentals - The Diligent UCC Searcher - UCC Search Best Practices
Corporate: Nonprofit Corporate Compliance
Corporate: Painless Foreign Corporate Qualifications
Corporate: Ten Practice Tips for Easier Year-End Stock and Option Reporting
Corporate: The Fundamentals of UCC Filings for Legal Professionals
Corporate: U.S. Federal Securities Law
Corporate: UCC Electronic Filing for Legal Professionals
Corporate: What Legal Professionals Need to Know About the 2010 Amendments to UCC Article 9
eDiscovery v. Computer Forensics - The Inevitable Union
eDiscovery: A Road Map to Social eDiscovery
eDiscovery: Abandoned EMail Archives - a Discovery Risk
eDiscovery: Accelerated Document Review - TAR and Predictive Coding
eDiscovery: Analyzing Your Actual eDiscovery Spend
eDiscovery: Appraising an eDiscovery Case
eDiscovery: Are Your "Big Data" Initiatives Exposing You to Big Risk?
eDiscovery: Authenticating Social Media
eDiscovery: Benefits of Applying Analytics in Early Case Assessment
eDiscovery: Building an eDiscovery Practice - The Business Planning Process
eDiscovery: Burdens, Benefits & Federal Rules Surrounding eDiscovery in Criminal Proceedings
eDiscovery: Cloud Computing - Are Litgation Risks Outweighing IT Gain
eDiscovery: Cooperation in eDiscovery
eDiscovery: Craig Ball Talks About eDiscovery Special Masters
eDiscovery: Dangers of Bring Your Own Cloud (BYOC) for eDiscovery
eDiscovery: Demystifying Statistics in Predictive Coding
eDiscovery: Design and Implementation of eDiscovery Cost Controls
eDiscovery: Discovering Dark Data - What is Dark Data and Why Is It So Hard to Find?
eDiscovery: Dispute Resolution and eDiscovery
eDiscovery: E-Discovery Costs -  Legal Developments and  Strategic Considerations
eDiscovery: EDRM's New Computer Assisted Review Reference Model
eDiscovery: Enterprise Hoarders - Maintaining Defensibility in an Era of Big Data Stockpiling
eDiscovery: ESI Review and Production - Parts I and II
eDiscovery: EU Data Protection Reform's Impact on Cross Border eDiscovery
eDiscovery: From Keyword Search to Predictive Coding
eDiscovery: Getting Started with Technology Assisted Review
eDiscovery: Hoarding Electronic Documents - Getting Employees to Stop
eDiscovery: How to Be the Smartest Person in the Room Using Predictive Coding
eDiscovery: How to Extract Data from Smart Phones - An Actual Demonstation
eDiscovery: How to Identify and Implement a Managed eDiscovery Service Model
eDiscovery: HR Forensic Investigations
eDiscovery: International Negotiations for eDiscovery
eDiscovery: Introduction to Computer Forensics
eDiscovery: Keeping eDiscovery Budgets in Check in the Big Data Era
eDiscovery: Legal Offshoring - Perceptions and Misperceptions
eDiscovery: Predictive Coding and Computer-Assisted Document Review
eDiscovery: Predictive Coding Project Planning - Practical Issues & Guidelines
eDiscovery: Privacy (Data Protection) in eDiscovery
eDiscovery: Social Media and Cell Phone Evidence
eDiscovery: The Best Kept Secrets to Using Keyword Technologies
eDiscovery: The Good, Bad and Ugly of eDiscovery Search
eDiscovery: The Power of Predictive Coding - Controversies and Limitations of the Technology
eDiscovery: The Real World Impact of Litigation and the Proposed New Rules on Social Media, the Cloud and the Internet
eDiscovery: The Use of Facebook and Other Social Media in Litigation
eDiscovery: Which Phases of the EDRM Should You Insource and Outsource?
Employment/Labor: Introduction to Employment and Labor Law
Ethics for Legal Professionals
Ethics for Paralegals - Issues Facing Today's Professionals
Ethics of Computer Forensics and Electronic Discovery Data
Ethics: Confidentiality
Ethics: Conflict of Interest
Ethics: IOLTA, Advertising and Zealousness
Ethics: Risks and Responsibilities - Ethics of Legal Hold
Ethics: Unauthorized Practice of Law
Family Law: How to Conduct a Family Law Client Interview
General: 7 Steps to Modernize Your Records
General: A No-Nonsense Approach to Improving Management and Workflow
General: Advanced Excel
General: Brave New Business Writer
General: Digital Distraction - Addiction to Social Media
General: Effective Dynamic Conference Calling
General: Effective, Efficient & Engaging Electronic Conferencing
General: Email Organizing - How to Keep Your Inbox Empty
General: Excelling at Excel - The Basics
General: How to Read Faces of Jurors and Witnesses
General: How to Write Powerful Legal Letters Part 1 and 2
General: Improve Communication to Enhance Case Presentation
General: Internet Research - Improving Results for Paralegals
General: Introduction to Excel for Law Firm Professionals
General: Non-Verbal Communication - The Key to Persuasion
General: Outlook Productivity - Make Outlook Work Like an Assistant
General: Paper Management
General: PowerPoint for Legal People
General: Secrets of Body Language
General: Selection of Right LPO Vendor - Why Outsourcing Relationships Fail
General: Speak for Success
General: The Leadership Imperative
General: The Office Protocol - Tune-Up for Legal Professionals
General: Time Management Techniques to Prevent Your Time from Managing You
General: Trends and Topics in Occupational Safety and Health Law
General: Voice of Leadership - Parts 1 and 2
HIPAA Compliance - After the Training
HIPAA for Paralegals
Information Governance - The Importance of Managing Big Data
Information Governance and Collaboration
Information Governance: Calculating the ROI of Information Governance
Information Governance: The First Step
Intellectual Property: Trademarks
Internet Research - Improving Results for Legal Professionals
Introduction to Immigration Law
Legal Ethics in the Era of Social Media, the Cloud, Data Breaches and eDiscovery
Legal Project Management - A New Model for Enhancing Profitability & Competitive Edge
Legal Writing: Basic Motion Drafting for Paralegals
Legal Writing: Write to the Point - Legal Writing for Non-Attorneys
Leveraging Technology and Becoming Your Client's Iron Man
Litigation: Credit Damage - Identifying and Proving Claims
Litigation: Criminal Record Search Techniques
Litigation: Effective Use of Timelines at Trial
Litigation: Handling a Personal Injury Claim from Client Intake to Filing the Lawsuit
Litigation: Locating Persons and Finding Background Information Parts 1 and 2
Litigation: Making Every Day Count - Docket Control and Time Computation in Federal Civil Matters
Litigation: Managing Trial Director in the Courtroom
Litigation: Medical Records Requests - Tricks of the Trade
Litigation: The Role of Visual Exhibits in Complex Cases
Litigation: Top Five Insider Tips for Litigation Timelines
Litigation: Trends and Topics in Occupational Health and Safety Law
Litigation: Virtual Notebooks
Management: 5 Top Paralegal Managers Share Inside Secrets for Success
Management: A No-Nonsense Approach to Improving Management and Workflow
Management: Crash Course for New Paralegal Managers
Management: Crying Happens - Managing Emotions in the Office Without Bias or Prejudice
Management: Designing Your Paralegal Career to Move Up the Invisible Ladder
Management: Employee Motivators That Don't Cost a Dime
Management: How to Interview Great Candidates for Long-Term Employment
Management: How to Use a Virtual Paralegal
Management: Keys to Proper Terminations
Management: Leadership and You
Management: Taming the Monster in the Corner Office
Managing High Conflict People
Nunc Pro Tunc - Response Against Cyber Adversaries
Office Technology Training
Paralegals and the Expert Witness Practice
Predictive Coding - What It Is, Isn't & Should Be
Real Estate: An Insider's Guide to Performing Lien Searches
Real Estate: Effectively Understanding and Expertly Using ALTA-ACSM Surveys
Real Estate: Resolving Gaps in Real Estate Titles for Paralegals
Real Estate: Role of a Paralegal in a Commercial Real Estate Deal
Real Estate: What Stands Behind ACRIS
Records Management: 7 Steps to Modernize Your Records
Social Media: 21 Steps for Twitter Beginners
Social Media: Internal Investigations - Privacy, Ethics and Litigation Concerns
Social Media: What Happens on Facebook, Stays on Facebook...Or Does It?
Start Saving Time Now! 25 Productivity & Time Management Tools and Strategies
Tech Talk - ISeek Smart Discovery - New Technology
Tech Talk - PacerPro
Tech Talk - Product Demonstration for Discovery 360 - InterLegis
Tech Talk - Tips for Ensuring Careful and Efficient Preservation of ESI
Tech Talk Product Demo - eDepoze Makes Preparing for & Taking Depositions Easier & More Efficient
Tech Talk Product Demo - eTERA's Opt1mum One - Managed Services Helps Corporate Legal Dept. Achieve 10 Key Objectives
Tech Talk Product Demo - Write to the Point - Writing Clearly & Concisely with WordRake Editing Software
Tech Talk: A Peek into the Future of Legal Analytics
Tech Talk: Audio Search with Speed and Precision
Tech Talk: eTERA Consulting's All1ance One Partnership Program
Tech Talk: Intell1gent One
Tech Talk: Logikcul
Tech Talk: Tips for Careful and Efficient Preservation of ESI
Tech Talk: X1 Social Discovery
Top Tips for Preservation by Craig Ball
Use Your H.E.A.D. - How Most Effectively to Choose an Expert Witness

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