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Certificate Programs                                                                                                      
Paralegal Management Certificate Program 

eDiscovery Project Management Certificate Program

Paralegal Trial Specialist Certificate Program

Information Governance Certificate Program

Litigation Support Project Management Certificate Program





Even when you can't get away from the office, you can still experience PKI's gold-standard training right at your desk. 
These interactive, instructor-led courses are accessible via a user-friendly platform (you don't have to download any
software).  They offer the expert faculty and high-quality content you expect from PKI. 

Throughout your courses, you'll be involved in practical, hands-on activities with peers from all over the world and learn
from their perspectives.  What you take away from a PKI course can benefit you throughout your entire career.


Just a few of the courses that are offered:

EDiscovery & Litigation Support
eDiscovery 101A
eDiscovery for Techies
Advanced eDiscovery
Litigation Support 101A
Advanced Litigation Support
EDiscovery for Techies
eDiscovery Masters Series:
     Process & Analysis
     Collection and Identification
Legal Project Management for Paralegals
Trial Presentation and the Paralegal's Role
Case Management from Complaint to Post-Trial
How to Build a Reliable Database - Whatever Program You Use
Preparation of the Document Coding Manual
Managing Document Reviewers
Marketing Your Litigation Support Department
eDiscovery & GARP:  The 8 Essential Steps
What You Need to Know Now About Cloud Computing
Designing and Managing Efficient War Rooms

Handling Mass Tort Litigation
The Paralegal's Role At Trial
Case Management Strategies for Paralegals
Controlling Costs for the Client and Law Firm
How to Prepare a Litigation Budget

Business Writing for Paralegals
Leadership Skills for Paralegals
How to Present Online
PowerPoint Unplugged
Responding to Conflict

Software Training
Summation iBlaze Training
Concordance Training
Trial Director

Corporate Transactional
Paralegal's Role in Closings
Paralegal's Role in Corporate Formation
Effective Due Diligence
Corporate Maintenance
Practical Record Keeping
Everything You Need to Know About EDGAR
Effective SEC Reporting
Preparation of the Annual Report
Dealing with Shareholders and Annual Meetings
The Corporate Minute Book
Preparation of LLCs
How to Incorporate a Corporation
The Paralegal and Blue Sky
Preparation of Franchise Agreements

Chapter 7 from Filing to Discharge
Chapter 11 What You Need to Know
Chapter 13 from Filing to Discharge
How to Prepare Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Petitions
What You Need to Know About Creditors Bankruptcy Guidelines
Preparing a Chapter 7 Petition
Preparing a Proof of Claim

Intro to Bankruptcy Basics - Part 1

(two 90-minute classes/week)

Unit 1    Overview of Bankruptcy Law

Unit 2    Parties and Jurisdiction

          Unit 3    The Debtor's Lawyer

          Unit 4    The Means Test and Dismissal

          Unit 5    The Automatic Stay

          Unit 6    Property of the Estate

Intro to Bankruptcy Basics - Part 2

(two 90-minute classes/week)

Unit 7    Exemptions

Unit 8    Avoidance Actions

Unit 9    Distribution of Funds

Unit 10  Discharge and Dischargeability

Unit 11  Chapter 13
Unit 12  Chapter 13 Plan

Trusts and Estates
Preparation of Wills
Estate Administration 101A
How to File an Estate in Probate Court

Conflict of Interest
Unauthorized Practice of Law
Ethics and Billing Practices
Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege
Ethics for the In-House Paralegal


Legal Writing & Research
Legal Writing for Paralegals
Advanced Legal Research
Factual Investigation
Drafting Motions and Briefs
Paralegal's Guide to Researching Case Law
10 Tips for Effective Cite-Checking
Online Factual Research

Real Estate
Preparation of Closing Binders
Effective, Efficient Due Diligence
The Title Review Process
Preparation of Contracts and Sales Agreements

Intellectual Property
IP 101A - An Entry-Level Guide
Introduction to Patent Prosecution
Intellectual Property Litigation
Finding Your Way Around the Patent Office
Copyrights 101A
Social Media and Intellectual Property

Management Skills
Making the Transition to Management
Management Skills for New Managers
Managing Today's IT and Technical Professionals
Successfully Managing Paralegals
How to Inaugurate New Associates

Human Resources
Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Employees
Administering the Year-End Review Process
How to Discipline Employees
Diversity Training

Business Enhancement Skills
Time Management: Get More of the Right Things Done
How to Write It When It Was Due Yesterday
Managing Multiple Attorneys and Assignments
How to Advance Up the Law Firm Career Ladder
The Brave New Writer:  Leadership Through Corporate Storytelling
How to Make Yourself More Valuable to Your Firm

Medical Records
Best Practices for Summarizing Medical Records
HIPPA Rules & Regulations
Subpoening and Analyzing Medical Records
Understanding Ethical Issues in Evaluating
Medical Records

Elder Care
The Empowered Paralegal and Elder Care

A Paralegal's Guide to Contracts

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be posted.

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