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15 Warning Signs of Poorly Managed Assignments


Just because you have a lot of work does not mean that you get it done with very little stress or problems.
Managing workflow starts with recognizing the signs of poor management - and that may start right at your
own desk.

          Here are 15 warning signs that you may not be aware that is happening to you. It may be time to fix that

1.         Missing deadlines because you are handling too many matters. 

2.         Receiving assignments from more than one attorney and cannot prioritize them. 

3.         Consistently receiving assignments you don’t know how to complete. 

4.         Attorneys stop you in the hallway and demand your immediate attention to a matter. 
 You drop other assignments, causing delays.

5.         Routinely given ASAP and RUSH deadlines.  A difference of opinion emerges regarding interpretation
            of these deadlines.

6.         No available paralegals to assist you when you need them or not enough  time to bring someone up
            to speed.

7.         Unknown impending event (i.e., closing, deposition, filing, meeting and so forth).  Not enough time 
            to complete it or you could have completed it last
week when you had more time.

8.         Afraid to go on vacation.  Sure, you will be called by the firm or attorney. No one else but you knows
            anything about exhibits, status, or details.  No
one close to you fully understands the database.

9.         Not receiving enough assignments or can’t seem to get the types of assignments you would like. 
 Find yourself frequently having to knock on
doors for work.


10.       Access to or knowledge of software or legal research programs, databases other is restricted
           limiting your ability to complete assignments.

11.       Time is written off or criticism is rendered because the assignment took much longer to complete
            than the attorney anticipated.

12.       Criticized for too much administrative (non-billable) time.


13.      Because so many different paralegals have been assigned to a matter during different phases,
           no one particular paralegal knows the case or client inside  and out, making it difficult for you to
           complete an assignment.

14.       Because you are a star, attorneys seem to always request your services and not those of a
            more junior member of your staff. Consequently, you are performing assignments below your level
            of expertise and you are overloaded.


15.       You are asked to redo an assignment.






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