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 Managing Paralegals

January 15, 17, 22, 34 and 29, 2019
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Pacific Time

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7.5 Hours CLE

Improve your career and move up the management ladder


Paralegals capable of successfully managing teams are in high demand. Few possess the complete skill set and the evidence indicates those wanting to gain the skills often don’t know how to learn them.

A number of programs teach management basics. Our program, delivered by the Paralegal Knowledge
Institute, gives you an intimate understanding of the real-world techniques and strategies of the complex and quickly evolving field.

You complete the course with a giant leg-up on the majority of paralegals in law practices today. Get ready to learn a lot.

Learn faster and retain more with student-centric technologies delivered in real-time, multimedia coaching environments.

You’ll be able to participate in collaborative learning environments, view multimedia presentations of the
course content, and engage in ongoing forum discussions with the instructors and other students.

When the course concludes, you'll be ready to manage your firm's entire paralegal program (or find a more challenging and rewarding position).


Managers who will be promoted are the ones who
not only manage efficiently but also lead their
paralegal teams successfully. Learn how to
effectively manage paralegals in your current or
future leadership position.

This five session course shows
you how to apply the most effective leadership style
and develop the keys to a motivated paralegal workforce. Build a high-performing team by understanding team dynamics, aligning vision and performance and applying a consistent theory in
leading your team.


  • Understand leadership skills for paralegals
  • Know when to manage and when to lead your team
  • Visualize your goals and communicate them to your team
  • Develop a high-performance team by first developing leadership skills
  • Use effective communication to motivate and coach
  • Discover which critical leadership skills you
    must teach your team members so they can
    work effectively in your absence.

Skills For Management
  • Assigning Projects & Projecting Workflow
  • Developing Your Leadership Style
  • Motivation & Morale
  • Fostering Teamwork
  • Driving Change
  • Coaching for Success
  • Motivating the Complacent Employee
  • Corporate Storytelling: Writing with Leadership and Authority

 Law Office Management

  • Office Politics
  • Technology
  • Orientation and On-boarding Programs
  • Developing Training Programs
  • Workflow systems
HR Skills Interviewing & Hiring
  • Conducting In-depth, Meaningful Interviews
  • Salary Negotiations
  • Conducting Reviews
  • Terminations


  • Improving Leadership Through Corporate Storytelling
  • Communication at All Levels

Instructor: Chere Estrin, CEO, Paralegal Knowledge Institute; author of Paralegal Career Guide 4th Edition; Chairperson, Organization of Legal Professionals, a non-profit training organization for legal technology; Author, 10 books on legal careers and hundreds of articles. She is a national seminar speaker; former executive in a $5 billion corporation; 20+ years legal field. Ms. Estrin was the Paralegal Administrator for two major law firms and Co-Founding member of the International Practice Management Association (IPMA) formerly the International Paralegal Management Association. She has been interviewed by Newsweek, the Los Angeles Times, ABA Journal and other publications. Her blog, The Estrin Report has been in existence since 2005. She is a recipient of the Los Angeles Paralegal Association Lifetime Achievement Award and the New York City Paralegal Association Award in Excellence.
Here is an overview of some of the topics we'll cover:

  • Assessment, Evaluation & Review Process
  • Insider’s Guide to Recruiting From the Hidden Market
  • Hiring and Terminations - How and When
  • High Stakes Negotiations

Organizational Development and Training & Utilization

  • Developing Smooth Running Paralegal Depts.
  • Motivation & Rewards
  • Getting Buy-In From Your Firm
  • Utilization of Firm Resources
  • What to do with Senior Paralegals
  • Effective Team Building
  • Professional Development & Training
  • Training Attorneys on Proper Utilization of Paralegals

Development and Initiation of Workflow Systems

  • Project Management and Workflow Systems
  • Assigning Matters and Managing Workflow
    Charts That Work
  • Dealing with Difficult Personalities

These five sessions include:

1.  Brave New Writer: Corporate Storytelling - Demonstrating Leadership Through eMails

2.   Structuring Your Paralegal Program - Assigning Workflow, Upgrading Assignments, Increasing Proper Utilization

3.   Interviewing Candidates for Long-Term Employment; Successful On-Boarding and Orientation for Keeping Employees and Preventing Turnover

4.   Proper Terminations; Working with Staffing Agencies and Financial Controls

5.  Motivating the Complacent Employee for Revenue Growth; Wrap-Up

Pricing Options:

Paralegal Passport and OLP Members: $199
Paralegal Plus: $209
Non-Member: $219

Group rates available - Call 541-854-0673


What attendees say about PKI:

"I have enjoyed the course I am presently in and cannot wait to learn even more" Cindy Marchatti

"I wanted to thank you for all that you do and offer via PKI, OLP, and the various LinkedIn groups in which you are involved. These resources will give me a leg-up on the competition." Stephanie Long

"I am so thankful for your honest response and guidance. It was funny to hear you talk about the fact that we do not care about spending money for a new purse but think twice to spend it in a course or attending a seminar.  

You are doing an excellent job. I feel lucky to have found your seminar.  I am going to take a look at your website to also take classes towards my MCLE credits that are mandatory in CA. Yraida Jones

No refunds. A substitute may be provided.

This course covers 5 - 90 minute sessions. Co-sponsored by the Organization of Legal Professionals, a California MCLE Multiple Activity Provider.


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