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Andy Wilson, CEO, Logik


What is Logik?

     At our core Logik is a document management company focused on developing user friendly software for legal professionals. Specifically eDiscovery software.  

     Our job is to remove as much irrelevant data as possible and deliver a high quality, clean product that enables our clients to figure out what’s what with their case. Considering the amount of data we have to sift through we use technology to our advantage wherever possible. That’s where GridLogik™, our eDiscovery processing engine, kicks in.

     GridLogik identifies duplicate documents, extracts rich text, identifies the languages in a document, searches for keywords, extracts hidden documents, parses metadata, converts documents to static images (TIFF/PDF), and many other features our clients depend on.  I always say we sell digital aspirin to attorneys experiencing discovery migraines.

What is unique about your company?

     A few things come to mind:
1. We are the highest ranking eDiscovery company on the Inc 500 ever at #181
2. We are the proud creators of the eDiscovery Ninja (, and
3. We’ve created - a next generation way to manage documents for eDiscovery, from anywhere.

Are you the founder? Tell us a little bit about the premise of Logik.

    In 2004 Sheng and I met for some quality Chinese food in Virginia to discuss what would become Logik. Prior to Logik, we were working for a small legal printing company helping to destroy rain forests. No seriously, we would print hundreds of thousands of emails to paper, so that massive legal teams could manually review each page. Very efficient ;) (odd fact: I worked on the Microsoft antitrust litigation and at one point was printing out Bill Gates’ email for a few weeks. He is very long winded.) After a few years of doing this and inhaling enough toner to paint your entire house black a few times over I decided I needed out and to find a better way to solve this problem. I mean, why would you “print” electronic documents to paper? Why not just print them to PDF or TIF? Ah-ha!

    So, after letting the Chinese food settle we got to work drawing out the process flow for our document processing software. We quit our jobs, cut back on expenses, leased some servers, and got to work. I have a CS background, but Sheng is the real engineer and created the first version in just a few months. We got our first real customer 9 months after we started. This is how we got started.

Do you have a special process, or way of doing things?
     Yes.  By focusing on one product and a positive culture, we’ve been able to reduce errors and have fun building a successful product that is reasonably priced. This is very unique in the eDiscovery industry. We’ve also managed to create our own eDiscovery apparel line called eDDStuff, our own wine called Redaction, and recently our own beer called ASAP Ale. These things are definitely pretty unique to us and fun to do.

Are you national, regional or global?


How do paralegals fit into the scheme of things. (I’m trying to tie in a paralegal’s job to your company and why they should call you.)

     With paralegals can take back eDiscovery and manage things themselves. No more outsourcing to vendors or fighting with complicated software. It’s very easy to use, but also very powerful.

Can they speak to your personally if they call or will they get a salesperson? (I’m trying to establish a personal link to you, if you’d like.)

     Sure, but we also have a sales team.

Do you do any webinars, training, etc? If so, what, when, etc.

     Yes, but not yet. launches in August @ ILTA in DC. As for training, Logikcull is a product that requires very little training (i.e. less than 15 minutes). We are also starting to host a monthly eDiscovery DC Meetup ( to help legal professionals learn more about eDiscovery hacks to be more efficient at their jobs

 What would you like us to know?

     Just that we exist! =) We’ve been intentionally flying under the radar for 3 years building this technology.



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