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True But Strange Interviews

In a recent survey, KNOW readers were asked:

What is the funniest or strangest story you’ve ever heard about an interview?

Here is what they said:

“He proudly wrote on his resume that he was an Auto Club Member."

“A man interviewing for a position in my former office came to the interview convinced he already had the job. He presented his business card to the Office Administrator pre-printed as a paralegal in our firm name and address. He was just so excited to be interviewed for a position.”

“I interviewed a potential employee who had worked for our department as a temp a few years before I was hired. She told me that she liked to stay busy and that when she worked for the department in the past, she had been so busy that she hadn't even had time to snoop in confidential files.”

“Oh, my. Our office was interviewing for an investigator position and the interviewee, who was a former police officer, was asked what her favorite part of being a police officer was. She responded that getting "free coffee and doughnuts" at the local gas station was her highlight! She was serious and she got the job.”

“During the interview, the interviewer asked, "So, if you were a Crayola crayon, what color would you be and why?”

“[I had someone tell me] that they cried when WordPerfect was removed from their work computer.”

Someone who had arranged to have a pizza delivered during the interview.”

“Came to the interview barefoot to prove they needed a job.”


 “A true story that happened several years ago:  A woman was interviewing for a Legal Secretary position and forgot to take one of her curlers out of her hair. She didn't get the job!”


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