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Litigation Support Certification Exam
Eligibility Requirements



Download the CLSS® Handbook

To be eligible to sit for the CLSS® Examination, candidates must complete an application form found in
the Candidate Handbook above:

1.    Provide three professional references.

2.    Provide resume or bio including employers’ contact information.

3.    Submit a completed application with supporting documentation.

For candidates who hold a J.D., baccalaureate degree, A.A./A.S. degree and/or are employed in the
position of attorney or paralegal:

1.    Document at least 5 qualifying credits in Litigation Support, Litigation Technology or Legal
Technology, continuing education and closely related fields based on education, training,
professional certifications and professional experience in the field. There is no time limit
associated with when the 5 qualifying credits were accrued.

2.    Written confirmation that you received your degree from the appropriate entity of your college
or university.

3.    Demonstrate at least 2 years of Litigation Support, Litigation Technology or Legal Technology experience.

For candidates who do not hold a baccalaureate degree and/or hold a position in technology, litigation
support or other non-substantive position:

1.    Demonstrate at least 3 years of Litigation Support, Litigation Technology or Legal Technology

2.    Provide a copy of all certifications or certificates of completion for courses in Litigation Support,
Litigation Technology, Legal Technology or eDiscovery and closely related fields of study OR

3.    Demonstrate at least 3 years of IT or technology in another field and 1 year of experience in
legal technology.

   OLP will accept education verifications in one of the following three forms:

1.    Official transcript. (Official transcripts must be sent directly from the university or in an envelope
sealed by the university.) OR

2.    Photocopies of diplomas, transcripts, certificates of completion and attendance OR

3.    Letter from school dean, registrar or program director confirming that degree was conferred.
(The letter must be printed on school/university letterhead and include the letter writer’s title and
contact information.)

CLSS® Examination:

Payment of this fee is only required for persons taking the CLSS® Examination. This non-refundable fee
covers the cost for Pearson Vue to administer the CLSS® Examination.

Upon approval of your application and payment of this exam administration fee, you will receive an
identification number that allows you to register for the CLSS® exam at any one of over 1,000 Pearson
centers worldwide. No two examinations are alike.

Schedule to take your CLSS® Examination at a Pearson Vue location on a convenient date and time.


The Certification Exam has been developed and designed with OLP’s strategic partner, Pearson Vue,
a division of Pearson Learning Solutions, the global leader in development of certification exams. Once
you register, you will be given access information to contact Pearson to book your examination date
and location. Register for the day of your choice at any one of 1,000 Pearson worldwide testing centers.

CLSS® Preparation Course:

This course will help you prepare for the CLSS® Examination. Covered are topics tested on the CLSS®
Examination, as well as the format and strategies for success. This interactive, OnDemand, self-study
course is an overview of questions you might receive in the exam. The prep course is not intended to be
in-depth reviews of the examination nor should it be considered asa replacement for the experience and
knowledge necessary for successful performance.

OLP Members:  695.00
Non-Members:  895.00

Candidates may sign-up for the CLSS® Prep course immediately. The first date to schedule the Certification Examination will be May 15, 2014.

CLSS® Exam Fee:
OLP Members:  395.00
Non-Members:  595.00

Download the CLSS Brochure

CLSS Certification Examination & Prep Course

no refund/may apply substitute



Send application to:

Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP)
44-489 Town Center Way Ste. D436
 Palm Desert, CA 92260

OR email:

For more information from OLP:



A certificate program differs from a certification exam. A certification exam indicates mastery/competency, hands-on
experience and is typically administered by a 3rd party standard-setting organization set through a defensible,
industry-wide process. A certificate program does not constitute certification. It indicates completion of a course.
You cannot be certified by taking a course. You must take the aforementioned certification exam.







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