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6 Common Review and Production Problems: How to Fix Them

By Gavin Manes, Ph.D. & Ian Campbell

This handy guide for eDiscovery professionals shows you the six most common problems and gives you practical, useful advice on how to fix them. Written by two high-profile experts in the legal field.

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5 Simple Steps to Fight Age Discrimination

By Chere Estrin

  Have you ever walked away from an
  interview with a gut feeling that
  perhaps the biggest objection the
  employer had was not your skill level
  but your age? 
Have you ever been
  denied a promotion because you
  were too "old" for the job?

 This valuable, straight-to-the-point  guide shows you how, in 5 simple  steps, to change your attitude, get what you want, when you want, and promote and succeed despite the bias that still exists.

"THANK YOU !!!!!  This is on point.  The first realistic guide/answers to mistakes and answers to those mistakes.  Some of these described me and helped tremendously.  Again, thank you for this revelation.  OMG !!!"   Patricia

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How to Work for a Jerk:
Confronting Brutal Bosses and Annoying Employees

By Chere Estrin

  Right down the hall or right in front of
  your face, is the most irritating,
  annoying, insulting, bullying jerk you have no choice but to work with. What can you do about the day-to-day stress trying to cope?  
It's all in how to handle it. Here are proven techniques of what to say, what to do and how you should respond when faced with jerk at work. 

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Cover.eBook.Understanding Predictive Coding

Understanding Predictive Coding
An Overview and Interpretation of Terminology
By Herbert L. Roitblat, Ph.D.

Whether you are new to eDiscovery and Predictive Coding or a seasoned pro, predictive coding can be confusing. 

This handy, easy-to-read, short eBook from the Organization of Legal Professionals (OLP) will help you quickly learn this new arena and better assist attorneys and clients.

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Why the Traditional Paralegal Doesn't Stand a Chance:
The Impact of Technology on the Future of Paralegals

By Chere Estrin

The whole world has changed and that change has not overlooked the paralegal position.

This eye-opening eBook shows you what technology changed the law field and how that change affects your job now and in the future. 

You'll be surprised at the new positions technology has created and how important it is for traditional paralegals to ride the horse in the direction it's going.

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