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Oops! I'm the Manager!

Getting Past "What Do I Do Now?!"
By Katharine Giacolone

Katharine Giacalone, The Corporate Nanny™ is a leading expert on
people relationships ( The Corporate Nanny™ knows that unfortunately, managers waste time, money and effort everyday when they spend countless hours unraveling miscommunication episodes between people at work.

Communications can be complex and simple at the same time, but it’s getting around it and understanding your own style and the styles of
others you are working with that is key!

Kathy’s book has a fresh, inspirational and humorous approach to management.  This publication 
serves as a valuable resource to people suddenly thrown into management and find themselves without the necessary training.

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The Empowered Paralegal:
Effective, Efficient and Professional

By Robert E. Mongue, Esq.

Too often paralegals are taught law and procedure but not how to effectively manage their time, workloads and clients. Too often they feel ineffective and powerless when dealing with attorneys, clients and court personnel, inside and outside
the office.

Over thirty years as a litigator employing, training and teaching paralegals, Dr. Mongue gathered and developed clear, concise and easy-to-use techniques to teach paralegals
how to become a critical component
of an effective legal team. These techniques are not together in a practical guide, entitled The Empowered Paralegal.

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The Empowered Paralegal:
Working with the Elder Client

By Robert E. Mongue, Esq.

Elder law is a dual-natured creature
and in many ways is quite unlike any other area of law. Substantively the
law is law statutes, cases, rules, and regulations all of which must be researched, analyzed, understood and applied. Unlike any other type of law, elder law is not about something a client is going through, such as a divorce or bankruptcy. Elder law is about whom and what the client is:
an elderly person.

This excellent publication enhances understanding of elder law clients,
the laws applicable to them, and
issues they face. It focuses on awareness  and understanding of the elder client, explaining in clear language the dual nature of the elder client, the physical and psychological changes that occur as we age, and the practicalities of accommodating these changes when working with elderly clients

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The Empowered Paralegal:
Professionalism Anthology

By Robert E. Mongue, Esq.

Professionalism is more than dressing well and a profession is more than a group of people engaged in the same career.

This book takes a comprehensive approach to paralegal professionalism and the paralegal professional, discussing topics such as establishing a professional identity, regulation, certification and licensing, paralegal associations, paralegals from the perspective of the courts, paralegal utilization, paralegal professionalism, paralegal practice outside the United States, and paralegal education.

Legal Project Management
By Steven B. Levy

Legal budgets are shrinking. Clients
call for cost control. Finish on time, they plead. Reduce project risk. Be predictable. Do more with less.

Legal Project Management offers a powerful new approach. It is not an
alien discipline, full of jargon and process overhead. It's designed for the specific world of legal professionals. It respects the way attorneys work, enhancing their success by playing to their strengths.

Need to make better decisions and provide accurate information about cost, deadlines, and risks? You need Legal Project Management, the essential guide to the subject.

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The Paralegal Career Guide
4th Edition
By Chere B. Estrin

If you've ever had those middle of the night terrors wondering if you've made
a mistake by choosing a paralegal career, pick up The Paralegal Career Guide.

This book packs a lot of information about career pathways and is chock
full of information covering trends, career options, creating value, salary negotiations, getting along with co-workers, and other career resources. There is practical advice such as how to get higher level assignments where you are now or how you can leverage your experience. One comes away
from the book with a sense of what's possible. Caution: Reading this book will make you giddy with enthusiasm.

What They Didn't Teach You
in Paralegal School

By Chere B. Estrin

This "must-read" career mapping strategy book is for paralegals of all specialties. Learn what makes or breaks a career: from dealing with difficult attorneys to expanding your horizons, this book gives you the secrets to a smooth sailing career in an often bumpy road to success.

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My Mommy is a Paralegal
By Loni Morganelli

A totally delightful book that explains what mommy does when she leaves for work.  Takes children into the office and the courtroom with simple illustrations.  Perfect for 3 -  7 years of age. 22 pages. $21.95 soft cover.

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The Magazine for Paralegals

The Paralegal's favorite magazine bringing you the latest on careers, trends, substantive issues, success stories, tips and more!  Published quarterly. An online publication,
40-80 pages.

"I loved, loved, loved it!"                     -Maureen Slagle, Paralegal, Avnet

"I am enjoying my online edition of the Know Magazine. I am surprised how much material is contained in Know's pages.

I am clicking on the links; the new sites are universes of information that allows Know to be an interactive experience. The writing offers flat-out answers that don't beat around-the-bush. You integrate writers of diverse professions, that offer a relevant look at the problems I experience as a paralegal." 
                           -Michael J. Garcia, Paralegal

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Quarterly digital publication

250 Darn Good Interview Questions
A Quick Guide for Paralegals
and Hiring Managers
By Chere B, Estrin

Are you prepared to beat the competition for your dream job?  Never go into an interview unprepared!  Know what's coming
and have your answers ready.  This quick read helps prepare you for the unexpected and help get you the job you want.

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Quick Guide to Managing
Paralegal Assignments

By Chere B. Estrin

This short and to-the-point read gives you tips, techniques, checklists and forms to handle sophisticated responsibilities of today's paralegals. Not only does it show you how to get priorities straight, it gives you secrets to boost your career and can immediately help you help your attorneys to better utilize paralegals.

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