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Are you interested in cutting your eDiscovery cost in half? 

Let me introduce you to ISeek, the most advanced collections and processing tool available for discovery of electronically stored information.  

ISeek is an automation used to acquire electronically stored information.  It is an easy to use, forensically sound electronic data capture tool designed for a non-technical audience. ISeek uses a series of three applications that work together to define search criteria, search and review results. ISeek executable (ISeek.exe) is the automaton component deployed on-site to search a computer. Before  ISeek.exe can run, a configuration file must be created to instruct ISeek on what to search, this configuration data is held in an encrypted file called "ISeek.config".

The configuration file is created and edited using the “ISeekDesigner” application. ISeek.exe and ISeek.config are deployed to the computer needing searched. This can be done using external media or a simple download link in an e-mail. Once ISeek completes its search, it creates a 256 AES encrypted output file that stores all files and containers collected as a result of the search, this encrypted output store has a “.isk" file extension that can be reviewed in “ISeek Explorer”.  ISeek Explorer is a separate application that will open the encrypted “.isk" files to let you review the collected data. ISeek also offers a seamless solution to review collected data in an online review system. The ISeek Extractor is used to open the .isk file and provide a native format out put of all files collected, .pst files are converted to actual messages.  These files can then be uploaded into any review platform.

What You Will Learn:

After completing this Webinar you will:

- Learn how to collect and review only relevant data to your case.

- Reduce the cost of collection, preservation and processing of ESI by 50%.

- Discover how easy ISeek is to use to collect relevant data.

- Learn how data is kept secure by using ISeek.

- Reduce the risk of producing privileged documents during discovery.

- Understand why a “Meet & Confer” is critical to define search criteria.

You'll gain new skills for career growth and opportunities!

Meet Your Presenter

Richard Plummer is CEO Cyber Crime Forensics LLC and a special agent, consultant and instructor with a wealth of experience conducting criminal, counterintelligence and cyber investigations over the past nine years. He has extensive knowledge in conducting intrusion, incident response, computer forensics and mobile device investigations.

Richard has been an adjunct instructor and curriculum developer for basic and advanced computer forensics and mobile device exploitation training courses for the past three years. He holds a Master of Science, Criminal Justice & Crime Management and a Bachelor of Science in Investigations from Bellevue University.

He has had the privilege of providing forensic training courses to Boston Police Department, University of Michigan Police, San Jose Police Department, Los Angeles Police Department, FBI, US Marine Corp, US Air Force, and members of the Australian Special Forces as well as other NATO Special Forces. He is certified as a Computer Crime Investigator, Digital Media Collector, Windows Forensic Examiner, Laboratory examiner iOS/MAC OSX, iOS First Responder and Forensic Media Exploitation Specialist. He is also certified as a Lantern 4, software training instructor by Katana Forensics Inc. and a certified training instructor for the High Tech Crimes Institute group.

April 29, 2015
10:00 am Pacific/12:00 pm Central/1:00 pm Eastern
One Hour



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